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LCT Airsoft: build your own AK and forward optical rail

Bellas at LCT Airsoft has sent through a couple of new videos. There is their new “build your own AK” video and a video showing their AK forward optical rail interface for their  VZK-MSU / LCKMSU / LCKS-74UN AEG series:

BOB Laser: BOB-R29 Mini Red Laser Sight

imageBob Laser have sent over details of their mini red laser sight:

BOB-R29 Mini Red Laser Sight


1.   Laser Wavelength: 625~660nm
2.   Output Power: < 5mw
3.   Laser Range: > 100m
4.   Metal Housing

Technical Data:

  • Maximum output power
  • Wavelength
  • Tube Diameter
  • Length
  • Weight
  • BOB-R29
  • Less than 5mw
  • 625~660nm
  • 29mm
  • 58mm
  • 40g

Application Area:
1.Laser Alignment
2.Aiming and Positioning
3.Hunting and Spotting 
4.Search and Rescue 
5.Outdoors and Hiking

Packing Includes:
1x Red Laser Sight         
1x Mount
2x Allen Wrenches
3x AG10 button Battery

Packing: Blister Card

Steven Wang

Tel:    +86 (0)20 66616299-819
Fax:   +86 (0)20 66616296
Add:   3rd Floor-Building, Ka Dan Lu Industrial Park,

         Hua Xing Industrial Zone, Xin-Hua Town, Hua-du District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

Skype:  boblaser-david

(Bob Laser)

Element: EX 262 MANTA STROBE

Jack at Element has sent over a press release for their latest item, the Mata Strobe:


Military standard verson
IR Strobe & Blue/Red/Green Strobe
IPX6 Waterproof
Battery : CR123A or 16430
Anti-reverse Syetem Protect Elecronic Circuit

get more info, pls view ELEMENT website:




Twitter :
Sales Manager: Jack

LeesPrecision: CNC machined 16mm to 14mm CCW thread adaptors

LeesPrecision have some new 14mm to 16mm adapters available:

CNC Machined 16mm to 14mm CCW Thread Adaptors


LPE 16mm to 14mm CCW thread adaptors are designed to allow the use of widely available 14mm CCW threaded silencers on 16mm threaded pistols such as the KSC/KWA/Umarex USP Tactical, Mk23 SOCOM and Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM fixed slide.

Each adaptor is fully CNC machined from lightweight 2014 T6 aluminium with machine cut threads, anodized in black.

Technical Specifications
Material : 2014 T6 Aircraft grade billet aluminium
Finish : Anodized black
Weight : 6g

These can also be bought with a 14mm CCW Superlight Carbon Fibre Suppressor for just £6 extra to give the optimal performance when using a suppressor on a GBB.

Trade and wholesale prices available for retailers and distributors worldwide, please contact for a trade price list.


Madbull: MAX Tactical RAS FIXED Scope Riser, Version IV

Madbull Airsoft have a scope riser kit to mount your RAS to your M4 body securely:


The RAS rail system on the real firearms is fixed on by the gas tube. Hoever, Airsoft AEGs don’t have gas tubes to connect both RAS and upper receiver.

Madbull / MAX Tactical’s RASFIX line of products mount onto both the upper receiver and RAS, thus making the RAS and upper receiver connect tightly. It can also be used as a scope riser mount.

– Quick aiming design when your optics fail–works like front and rear sights!
– Built using aircraft-grade aluminum CNC process
– Matte black anodized
– Bridges gap between upper receiver and RAS


(Madbull Airsoft)

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