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APS: eSilver Edge with SDU 2.0 chip

APS Airsoft have a new awesome gearbox out there’s a video to show you how it works too:

APS currently create our new gear box with selectable firing mode feature! The new model of the gear box is called: eSilver Edge with SDU 2.0 chip.

The firing mode as follows:
Mode 1: Single / Full-Auto
Mode 2: Single / 3 rounds burst
Mode 3: Double Tap / Full-Auto
Mode 4: 3 rounds burst / Full-Auto
Mode 5: 3 rounds burst / 9 rounds burst
Please take a watch how this gear box work in this video:

This gear box currently already installed in the new EMG x Noveske Gen.4 SBR rifle and OEM by APS.
Best Regards, Joe  (APS Airsoft)

APS HYBRiD Airsoft Gear Box 3D Animation

APS have a new video of their hybrid gearbox which we’ve uploaded online so you can see it:

Energy Saving

Technically, compare to other traditional electric blow mecha box which normally takes 13 – 15 Ampere, our HYBRiD mecha box only takes 11 Ampere by G110 spring @ 370 FPS. The testing result is positive. It saves 33% of energy compare to other mecha box. The smaller of the Ampere, the smaller loading of the mecha box thus giving you a smooth and durable mecha box that you have ever experienced.

Truly 100% compatible with existing aftermarket upgrades

Tappet, piston, cylinder, Air Nozzle, Hop Up System…etc No more worries in putting aftermarket upgrades into our HYBRiD mecha box! We have tested over 20 different major brands purchased from the market and parts are 100% compatible with our mecha box. Players are now freely to replace or upgrades the mecha box whatever is needs

Modification is no longer complicate
Some player may find difficulties in upgrading the mecha box, especially changing the main spring is a pain. It is because you need to completely dissemble the mecha box in order to take the spring out. With the advance feature of our HYBRiD mecha box, player can simply use a flat screwdriver to unscrew the rear of the mecha box and take out the main spring without necessary to open or dissemble the mecha box completely. Our Electric Blow Back parts can  also be easily detached which turning your guns from EBB to AEG in a second.

Better Air Seal
Our engineer had spent a lot of effort in making the air seal better than ever. Cylinder Head, Nozzle, Piston and Piston Head had been perfectly made to give you a better air seal than ever.

Better finishing
In our HYBRiD mecha box, the bushings were made of steel and polished before putting into the mecha box. It further reduce the vibration and friction caused by the spinning of the gear, thus increasing the smoothness. With a certain use of battery and motor, the rate of fire reaches 1200 RPM is not a myth.


Zhucheng International Co., Ltd: gearbox and receiver upgrades

Thanks to Freda at Zhucheng International Co., Ltd we have some details on products from them including a CNC v2 gearbox with easy swap out spring and.

Here I introduce you one of our new product, please kindly check below. Thanks.

The newest receiver is highly copied from the U.S. M4A1, rear screw replacement way and battery in the butt stock, not only the appearance is matched, but also assemble way;

We are loyalty to original manufacturing, our first and final purpose is make players feel like real weapon, real battle; The gearbox is almost the same with the Marui V2, they can be exchanged to use;

It also avoid the trouble of tune-up spring, especially M130SP and M140SP. First install gearbox, then spring, spring can be change different specification as you like. You can strength the firepower shorter than one minute, that makes it all-time excellent fighting, playing with your friends, use 120SP, and increase firepower to fight with violent gamers, quick and convenient;

After spring and spring guide, there is a nut to fit the spring guide, to keep balance and stable when spring in high-speed, this is very important, all players know it… 

The spring guide can match the screw of Marui butt stock, so this gearbox can use with Marui metal body with no adjustment.


Here I introduce you one of our newest gearbox, please kindly check it. Thanks.

This gearbox is developed from the Japan Marui V2, features including: the switch assembly are optimized, spring guide part is improved, so spring specification is flexible, also it avoid all trouble that caused by old gearbox, this new one is quick detach and assemble. What’s more, it is compatible for many styles Marui receiver.


Freda, (Zhucheng International Co., Ltd)
Skype: zcairsoft

Coming soon from Madbull Airsoft: PX Piston, with 14 full metal teeth

“I’ve done it, my Lord! I’ve discovered how to turn things into gold! Pure gold!” […]

“Now, look, Percy, I don’t mean to be pedantic or anything, but the color of gold… is gold. That’s why it’s called gold. What YOU have discovered, if it has a name, is some… Green. “ source: Blackadder, BBC Worldwide.

Madbull Airsoft have developed a brand new piston in purest gold green, built using the latest technology and featuring a hardened polymer construction with a full robust set of drive teeth lacking the second tooth:

After several years of product development, the most innovative piston has arrived: the Madbull PX Piston designed and developed by Madbull’s engineers.


This piston is comprised of new materials never before used combined with innovative processes.  The Madbull PX piston is designed with full metal teething and hardened polymer.  The metal teeth is produced with MIM (Metal Injection Molding), which gives the teeth a degree of flexibility without breaking.  The body is molded with Alien green polymer ensure you have the alien power technology in your AEG!


  • State of the art composition
  • MIM full metal teeth
  • Alien green polymer
  • Eliminate 2nd tooth to less the stress on the gear

(Madbull Airsoft)

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