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Madbull: now available "ACE Skeleton Medium Stock"

Madbull Airsoft’s medium ACE stock is now available:


MadBull fully licensed ACE Stocks. 4 models available. Full size fixed, medium CQB, short CQB skeleton, and SOCOM. These stocks are CNC machined out of durable aircraft grade aluminum. Tough made stocks used to bash windows and other forced entries. Combined with our patent pending quick-release fast-change battery system swap out your battery within seconds! This is an airsoft first and a revolutionary design for Li-Poly configurations. All our licensed ACE stocks have integrated quick-detach sling mounts. The front base of the stock features a push pin that allows for the rear end to easy disconnect for battery instalment.


  • Fully licensed by ACE Stocks, LTD.
  • Full metal design
  • CNC machined, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum
  • Durable yet comfortable foam cheek pad
  • Rubber pad keeps the stock secure on your shoulder
  • Patent Pending quick-release fast-change battery system
  • Designed for Li-Poly compatibility
  • Quick-detach sling mounts, integrated
  • Mounting hardware included

Click for more info and photo>>

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Madbull: Spike Tactical Launcher Stand Alone System 9" / 12" NOW AVAILABLE!

“Booms sticks” rock (this is a fact… okay so it’s just my personal opinion) and Madbull Airsoft now have the Spikes Tactical launcher mount available for 9 and 12 inch barrels.

The adapter for the Spike tactical Havoc launcher is a full metal designed standalone system to build to handle either the 12" or 9" rails that it comes with.


Its base is constructed to allow for both pistol grips (GBB grips only) and stocks to be added. The rail systems are adept to provide for the customization of optional optics, flashlights, sights, or other accessories. The light-weight metal body makes it very durable and easy to deploy at a moment’s notice, and it works fantastically with the 12” or 9” Spike Havoc launchers.

Package includes

-Adapter body
-12” rail
-Stock Tube

-Full metal construction
-Rail top rail system to mount flashlight or optics
-Adaptable for adding a GBB pistol grip or stock customization
-2 rails for either 12" or 9"
-Light weight and durable
-Easily deployable

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull Airsoft New: Barrel nut washer and Gemtech 7" Handguard

Two new releases from Madbull Airsoft include  anew grip and a handy washer to keep your front end straight on your M4:


Main Function: to eliminate gap between rail and upper receiver. These washers will ensure a contour fit between barrel nut and upper receiver, eliminating misalignment and RIS instability. The MB Barrel Nut Washers come in 4 sizes to fit many different configurations.

– Eliminate gap between rail and upper receiver
– Precisely aligns fastening screws on RIS systems
– Ensures stability
– Prevents RIS from angling during installation

Package include:
– 0.1mm X1
– 0.15mm X1
– 1.5mm X1
– 2mm X1
Brand Compatibility (Optional)
More Info and photo:


Madbull Talon Rail System licensed by GEMTECH. The Gemtech Talon Rail allows you to mount it on any receiver and allows you to precisely adjust the rail so you can have an uninterrupted upper rail platform. Developed by Gemtech to allow a suppressor to slip partially under the rail for a protected suppressor/barrel interface and shorter profile.

– Golf ball patterns which match to new Gemtech HALO Airsoft dummy suppressors.
– Big inner diameter which allow you to install most of Gemtech dummy suppressors into the rail.

Package includes:
– Gemtech 7” Talon Rail with mounting hardware
– Barrel Nut
Brand Compatibility (Optional)
More Info and photo:

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Madbull Airsoft: PRI GIII Delta grips

Madbull Airsoft have sent out news of their latest add-on, a new SPR front end grip:

If you are into small arms history, you must have heard of SPR (Special Purpose Rifle.)

The SPR, used by Special Operations Forces of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, is a heavily modified light sniper/designated marksman variation of the AR-15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and is chambered for NATO standard 5.56x45mm ammunition.

The first SPR adopted famous PRI Gen I and Gen II carbon-fiber free-float handguard.

One very important feature of PRI handguard is its carbon fiber main body. The carbon fiber can stop heat transfer from barrel to the handguard.

Now, MadBull is proudly introducing fully licensed PRI handguard rails to Airsoft industries.


The models we provide for Airsoft are new generation of PRI rails:
1. Gen III Round Free Float Rail in different lengths with side rail panels.
2. Gen III Delta Free Float Rail in different lengths with side rail panels.

Both models have 2 materials as option:

1. Polymer: Budget for Airsoft budget players
2. Carbon Fiber: Same material as real steel which provide authentic looking and collectable value for hardcore Airsoft players
There are more optional accessories for PRI Gen III rails:
1. SPR PEQ Top Rail for different length of handguard: The main purpose of PEQ top tail is to install PEQ box on the one-piece top rail.
2. Front sight and rear sight: You have to buy these sights from ASG who has ARMS’ license and produce sights for SPR top rail.
Note: Airsoft version internal dimension is different from real steel.

-Detail copy of world famous PRI GEN III handguard rail
-Polymer / Carbon version are available

More info & photos :

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New From Madbull: Noveske MUR-NEW OD and FDE Color / Spikes Tactical M4 metal body

Madbull Airsoft have two new items on their way out; today they’ve released news of their Noveske MUR-NEW OD and FDE Color / Spikes Tactical M4 metal bodies:


Madbull is proud the announce the first Noveske MUR upper receiver and lower receiver combination available for Airsoft.

Noveske MUR upper & lower receiver includes Ultimate Hop-up chamber.

Noveske MUR upper receiver (CNC 6061 Aluminum)
Noveske M4 lower receiver (Casting Aluminum)
Authentic Noveske Rifleworks deep engraving
Noveske Rifleworks is exclusively licensed by Mabdull Airsoft
Noveske Rifleworks is a globally respected rifle maker based in Grants Pass, Oregon. Their first patented design, the Noveske KX3, is the must-have compensator for all Airsoft collectors.
Noveske Rifleworks is also well-known for its stainless steel heavy barrel for accurate shooting.

More info & photos :


Airsoft M4 AR Metal receiver (Fullly licensed trademark)



3D design from scratch (not just copy others)
T6 Aluminum material
Authentic trademark
Deep "CNC" trademark engraving (Not cheap laser engraving)
One world famous MadBull Ultimate Hopup ($40 USD value) with optional LED tracer function
Matte silver steel color pins (decorative)
Compatible with most TM, JG, CA, and Echo1 AR/ M4. (Small modification may needed)
Compatible with all MadBull accessories, including Handguard rails, Outter barrels, Hopup systems, Inner barrels, and receivers.

More info & photos :

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull: coming soon, ltd edition NO BULLSH*T t-shirt

Fancy wearing pimped Madbull gear as well as sporting their custom accessories? Then look no further:


Introducing the Limited Edition NO BULLSH*T T-Shirt, soon to be available directly from, printed on black American Apparel #2001

The most comfortable t-shirt in the world. Limited edition.

– Retro Madbull logo on left chest
– Trademark mad bull, outlined in rifle pattern.
– NO BULLSH*T, stylized text.
Very limited quantity.

Will be available for purchase next week. Stay turned at:

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Madbull Airsoft: Lancer L5 sneak peek

imageMadbull Airsoft have posted a photo of their prototype Lancer L5 magazines on their Facebook page:

For everyone who’s been asking about the licensed Lancer L5 AWM Magazines…

Facebook exclusive sneak peak photo (intermediate prototype)!
Almost there!

(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull: MAX Tactical RAS FIXED Scope Riser, Version IV

Madbull Airsoft have a scope riser kit to mount your RAS to your M4 body securely:


The RAS rail system on the real firearms is fixed on by the gas tube. Hoever, Airsoft AEGs don’t have gas tubes to connect both RAS and upper receiver.

Madbull / MAX Tactical’s RASFIX line of products mount onto both the upper receiver and RAS, thus making the RAS and upper receiver connect tightly. It can also be used as a scope riser mount.

– Quick aiming design when your optics fail–works like front and rear sights!
– Built using aircraft-grade aluminum CNC process
– Matte black anodized
– Bridges gap between upper receiver and RAS


(Madbull Airsoft)

Madbull Video: Gemtech Halo 2011

MadBull Airsoft have been making barrel extensions for some time, and they continue to impress. Out now is their fully licensed GEMTECH HALO:

MadBull Airsoft fully licensed GEMTECH HALO 2011

The HALO is rock solid, easy to use, and requires no modification to the host weapon. It utilizes a simple, patented, no-tools mounting system that slips over most 5.56mm style flash hiders. There is no need for proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel. It may be swapped between many different weapons easily, including but not limited to M16, M4, HK416, and M249 weapon platforms.

Give your rifle a more aggressive and "quiet look". Make it flush with your rail system or handguard and get that flush SD look. Want a longer inner barrel without extending your outer barrel? Simply add a MadBull mock suppressor and gain those inches with a can!


  • Quick-detach design, attach and remove in under 15-seconds
  • Super matte Matte Black Oxide finish
  • Made of durable-rugged aluminum, durable yet nimble
  • Authentic GEMTECH laser engravings
  • Only true external 1:1 GEMTECH HALO replica, 7.2" length x 1.5" diameter
  • Super lightweight weighing in at only 7.5 ounces
  • New 2011 version features enhanced more-aggressive closer
  • Fully licensed product by GEMTECH

Check out or awesome new video featuring the GEMTECH HALO 2011, in Black, FDE Tan, and Olive Drab.


  • Model: GTHALO-2011
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • 490 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: MadBull Airsoft

(MadBull Airsoft)

Madbull Airsoft: Daniel Defense Omega X Rails FDE TAN

More shiny (ok.. brown) stuff from Madbull Airsoft:

Daniel Defense Omega X Rails FDE TAN

imageMadbull’s popular Omega X Rails, licensed by Daniel Defense, are now being manufactured with a beautiful FDE Tan matte hard coat anodized finish, as well as the previously released matte black finish.

Daniel Defense Omega X Rails feature an easy upgrade platform, high strength, and extreme ergonomics.

The Omega X Rails offer a smooth transition from the upper receiver offering the most useable rail space.  It features a continuous upper rail platform along with integrated sling swivels.  Integrated sling mounts also feature limited rotation and ambidextrous points.

» Now Available in Tan FDE and Black
» Licensed by Daniel Defense
» Two Piece Top/Bottom Rail Assembly
» 7”, 9”, & 12” Rail Lengths
» Free Floating Barrel Design
» Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
» Integrated Sling Swivels
» Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails
» Narrow Profile for Enhanced Ergonomic Performance
» Removable Lower for Ease of FSP Installation
» Precision CNC Machined
» Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum
» Matte Hard Coat Anodized Finish
» Made in Taiwan
Also Available in Matte Black

For more information on Madbull’s Omega X Rails [go here].

(Madbull Airsoft)

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