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Lambda: new VSR-10 Set Pin and Support Ring

lambda-logo_thumb.jpgLambda have new parts out for the infinitely customisable VSR-10 which are now also on their website:

Dear Sir,

Today’s news is lambda new upgrades for VSR-10. Set pin and Support ring.

Set pin is made of Stainless steel , CNC all machined. It has a unique shape, for insert easily.

And Support ring, it’ll be kept smooth bolt operation long time.

Please check our web site : )


New server online 27OCT13

If you can read this we are up and running on the new shiny server.

We’re just doing the final updates at the moment. The forums are open on the new box and offline on the old one.

To ensure you get to the new box flush your DNS or refresh your browser.

The ticket to update our domain name will be processed on Monday as we’re registered with a UK domain registrar, and they don’t work weekends…

New box time, forums locked until complete – this weekend

We’ve locked the forums down for tonight so we can copy synchronise our data over from the old box to a bigger, newer and more shiny machine.

Our current box is over 3 years old and has served it’s purpose. It’s time for a new machine, the latest hardware and everything that goes with it.

As of now I’ve locked the forums. This prevents posts and topics made in the interim being lost while we move across to the new machine.

I will update the DNS and point it over as soon as the data is across.

Zhucheng International Co., Ltd: gearbox and receiver upgrades

Thanks to Freda at Zhucheng International Co., Ltd we have some details on products from them including a CNC v2 gearbox with easy swap out spring and.

Here I introduce you one of our new product, please kindly check below. Thanks.

The newest receiver is highly copied from the U.S. M4A1, rear screw replacement way and battery in the butt stock, not only the appearance is matched, but also assemble way;

We are loyalty to original manufacturing, our first and final purpose is make players feel like real weapon, real battle; The gearbox is almost the same with the Marui V2, they can be exchanged to use;

It also avoid the trouble of tune-up spring, especially M130SP and M140SP. First install gearbox, then spring, spring can be change different specification as you like. You can strength the firepower shorter than one minute, that makes it all-time excellent fighting, playing with your friends, use 120SP, and increase firepower to fight with violent gamers, quick and convenient;

After spring and spring guide, there is a nut to fit the spring guide, to keep balance and stable when spring in high-speed, this is very important, all players know it… 

The spring guide can match the screw of Marui butt stock, so this gearbox can use with Marui metal body with no adjustment.


Here I introduce you one of our newest gearbox, please kindly check it. Thanks.

This gearbox is developed from the Japan Marui V2, features including: the switch assembly are optimized, spring guide part is improved, so spring specification is flexible, also it avoid all trouble that caused by old gearbox, this new one is quick detach and assemble. What’s more, it is compatible for many styles Marui receiver.


Freda, (Zhucheng International Co., Ltd)
Skype: zcairsoft

PDI: new inner barrels for AW338/WA2000

X-Fire have some new internal inner barrels for the ARES spring rifles:

Dear Sir, Today I announce new PDI Inner barrel series got started.
It’s for ARES spring rifle.

imageFirst line up is Inernal Dia. 6.01mm & 6.05mm for AW338 & WA2000.
PDI SUS Inner barrel series are all made of SUS304 with really precise diameter, torelance is +-0.002mm.

Best regards, Tomo, (X-Fire)

TMC: new gear including gas internals

Here’s the latest update from Tokyo Model Company which includes the new KAC GBB from G&P, RA Tech upgrades for the M4 GBB and WE open bolt kits:

Dear Tokyo Model Company Member & Customer

G&P Bomber KAC Dynamics Gas Blow Back (Magpul), RA TECH CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for KSC M4 GBB and other new items are ready to ship for Customers now!!!! Other new items are ready to ship too. Please check below link & Picture about the new item please or please visit the web-site(

New Items:

RA TECH CNC Steel Bolt Carrier for KSC M4 GBB


WE KAC PDW Open Blow System Kit(Long)(Gen.3)


WE KAC PDW Open Blow System Kit(Short)(Gen.3)


G&P 30mm Quick Lock QD Scope Mount(L)


G&P Bomber KAC Dynamics Gas Blow Back(Magpul)


G&P QD Medium Mount with T1 Scope


King Arms 7.4V 1100mAh 15C Lithium Battery


KSC STI 4.15 Magazine(System 7)(Japan Version)


MAMA Airsoft CNC Steel Sear for Marui VSR-10


Maruzen P99 Hi Cap 40rds Magazine


DYTAC 16inch Rifle-Length Outer Barrel for WA M4 GBB


FE CNC Copper Valve and Spring Set for Marui XDM .40






For Our News, Promotion and latest update, Please check our Facebook

Please feel free contact us to check the item please!!!!(

Please check for other item please.

(Tokyo Model Company)

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