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Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 1 2019

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along at the weekend – we had an excellent time at both sites as always!

This weekend we have a skirmish event going on at our main Eversley site – as of next month it will be back at the Camp Bravo site.  You can book in advance on the website or come along on the day.  Rentals are available – please book to ensure availability.

Next weekend we are back at Tuddenham for another FilmSim weekend – longer scenarios, bandages, reduced ammo loadouts, multiple objectives and a mix between role-play and realism make these a great fun weekend.  The games are designed for team play, communication and more thinking than a skirmish game, so if you like a more challenging experience, come and give it a go.

Contacting us on game weekends:

Just a reminder for everyone – we are usually out of the office and on site from Friday to Sunday every week, setting up and running events.  If you have a query regarding an event the following day, please call us rather than email or message us so we can we can respond to your enquiry in time.  For Eversley events, call Josh on 07711 774401, for Tuddenham events, call Doug on 07711 774461.

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

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