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New stock at Gunfire

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

In our latest delivery, we have received brand new items from PTS! Among them are Enhanced Compact stocks, Kinetic™ SCAR MREX™ mount rails and other accessories as well as CM4 replicas manufactured under the Centurion Arms license equipped with Electric Recoil system.
Link GF


We have just received a big shipment of products from JG! In consists of
various AEG replicas of carbines and submachine guns as well as
magazines and accessories.
Link GF


Big delivery from GFC Tactical! Among a few hundred products you can
find patches, sling belts, pouches, vests, bags, backpacks and many
other elements of tactical equipment.
Link GF


Empty space on velcro panel? Check out new delivery of popular patches
from Mil-Spec Monkey! In our offer, you will find over 50 great designs
of "morale patch".
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