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A2 Promo a Go Go

by News Fairy

A2 Supplies have a special offer on Raven and Nuprol airsoft RIFs and mags:

Promo a Go Go!

January Blues getting you down? Need something to lift the spirit? How about a shiny new Rifle? Or Perhaps its time to treat yourself to some more mags for said shiny new rifle?Head on over to our website where you can get a fantastic 15% off Raven and Nuprol Airsoft RIFs and mags!


New In Store! Umarex H&K MP5A4!

Thats not all! Of course theres always some shiny new kit in store too! This week we managed to get our mitts on perhaps one of the nicest AEG MP5s on the Market today! One of the new Next Generation Umarex/VFC MP5a4s and oh boy is it pretty!

VFC MP5 Image 1

The first thing you notice about this gun is the build quality, built with High Quality externals, this AEG Feels like the real thing. Rock solid, Full metal upper with high quality Polymer On the Lower Receiver, Handguard and Stock. Not only is it solid, but fairly weighty too unlike some of the cheaper models on the market. Being a fully licensed Umarex product you can also expect to find all of the official H&K trademarks for those of you who love realism!

VFC MP5 Image 2

But it doesn’t stop there, internally this AEG also features VFC Spec internals to boot, making use of VFCs proven Avalon MOSFET, this MP5 is both snappy and reliable! We are currently stock the MP5A4 Variant made of Die-Cast Zinc Alloy. There is also a more modern MP5a5 available and VFC are also offering both of these in Steel!

So feel like its time to lift your spirit a little? Why not lift a new gun whilst you are at it! Check out the Promo and this Classic Submachine gun and many more over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk

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