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New products at Airsoft Atlanta

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unnamedAirsoft Atlanta have some new items in stock:

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Lots of new innovative products have landed in our shop this spring.  We lowered USPS Priority prices that usually arrive in 2-3 days nationwide. Orders before 4pm usually ship out same day as well!  We ship fast!


The new Elite Force HK MP7 AEG (VFC) is a beast of a new gun!  Back in stock after selling out last week.  Limited supply and extra midcap mags available.  $399


Tri-Shot Airsoft pump action shotgun from Tactical Force is here!  Elite Force has a new spring shotgun and it’s awesome!  Shoots 3 BBs at once with its tri-inner-barrel assembly at 245 FPS per each BB!  That’s pretty sweet.  Available now $89


New safety protection goggles!  Full seal eye pro from REKT – a division of Elite Force.  Goggles are minimal design, slim, and includes adjustment straps for added comfort and protection.  Includes cleaning cloth/bag to keep them lint, dirt, and scratch free in your kit.  A great little set for only $16

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