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New ACETECH tracer units & Airtech Studios gear @Airsoft Atlanta

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Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:


The new Acetech Tracer Unit system:  Lighter BT w/built-in Chronograph.  This is a very lightweight tracer unit that does it all!  Made for airsoft pistols, but can be used on any 14mm CCW threaded gun.  Made to be used with red and green tracer rounds. Built-in chronograph measures both FPS, Joules, and RPS readouts to your smartphone via the Bluetooth app. A very cool new product from Acetech in 2019. Available:  $97.99

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The Airtech Studios Odin / Maxx M4 Speedloader Universal Adapter is here!  Locks into your speedloader to allow loading use of ALL midcap magazines.  AK, G36, UMP, MP5, M14, MP7, GAT, ARP9, – anything really.  Has a strap attachment for holding if needed.  A very cool product from Airtech Studios.  This is not a 3D printed product – fully injection molded production piece Available now $59.99

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The PEWTAGONIA Patch – velcro backed for all your gear.  Limited run available.  $8.99

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