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Patrol Base – Giving away 30 rifles

by News Fairy

Patrol Base have 30 rifles to give away to attendees at Operation Specna this weekend, find out how you can get involved in future events below:


This coming Sunday the 1st of September Patrol Base are giving away a pool of 30 SPECNA ARMS rifles! For all those who have already secured their spot for the 300 player event, you’ve got 1 in 10 chance of getting a free rifle for simply attending!


Winners will be selected on the group lunch break! At that moment in time you (if a winner) can then get the chance to run and gun with your new pride and joy for the rest of the game day.

To see what rifles could be in the prize pool, check out the full SPECNA product line-up available at Patrol Base right now by following the link.


If you weren’t luck enough to secure your spot for this event, then sign up to our social platforms to be ahead of the game and book for future game days by following the links below:

Patrol Base Facebook

Patrol Base Instagram


(Patrol Base)

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