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A2 Supplies have some exciting stock news as well as a range update:


Its like Christmas has come early! Time to kick things off with something a little bit special! We were delighted to be one of the First UK Retailers to get hands on with a line of  BRAND NEW Airsoft Pistols courtesy of  VORSK! An Awesome new range of Hi-Capas, EU17s & EU18s designed to be high performance and they look damn good as they do it! The Vorsk series draws inspiration from some of the finest and most advanced modern combat and competition handgun designs, taking that boring staple gun and transforming it into a more tacti-cool platform.

VORSK Image 1

With their EU Pistols, some of the Key features to highlight are redesigned slides with enhanced serrations to aid racking and higher profile iron sights to allow use in conjunction with a suppressor thanks to its threaded outer barrel. They can also be “Vented” or “Non-Vented” for those of you who love Lightening cuts! The Lower frame features stippling to help the shooter maintain grip alongside an flared magwell to aid with speed reloads!

VORSK Image 2VORSK Image 3

Available in a whole  menagerie of colours! From All Black, Duel Tone Dark Earth & Black, a Sleek Urban Grey, PINK and Even GOLD and SILVER! Oh Yes! Bling! They are also available as both EU17s and EU18s for those of you who love a bit of full auto. Last but not least these are also have options that come with and without a BDS red dot sight if you so choose!

Moving on to the Hi-Capa series which has also received the above treatments, leaving you with a complete  smorgasbord of options! Featuring unique slides with a variety of lightening cuts, paired with Comfortable and Stippled lowers and of course the speedy flared magwell to boot! From there it too has a whole host of different colour options, both with or without the BDS optic! But thats not all, the Vorsk Hi-Capas are also available as  both 5.1 and the more compact 4.3 platform!

VORSK Image 4VORSK Image 5

As the products have only just been released, These Shiny new pistols are slowly making their way onto our website! (There’s ALOT!) So keep your eyes peeled over at

Range Updates:

With all that Vorsk goodness out of the way its time for some news about our Range! For those of you not in the know alongside the shop itself we also operate an Indoor Airsoft Range! The perfect place for those of you looking to get some trigger time in before a game day without shooting holes in the plasterboard at home!

Range Image 1
Range Image 2

At long last we are well underway, with the recent addition of our new Xcortech Target System now installed on our 7m Pistol Ranges. These Targets can run a variety of games and drills perfect for testing both reaction times and accuracy all at the push of a big red button!

Range Image 3

Alongside these we also operate Attack Sense Targets on a "CQB Long Course" for a dynamic Run and Gun Experience perfect for Rifles and Pistols for those of you who want to practice those tactical transitions!

Range Image 4

We also continue to run an "IPSC inspired" Short Stage where its a race against the clock to see who is our resident John Wick! Our Course is rearranged every month with a competition hosted at the end of the month – Our Next Competition Night will not be until January due to the Festive Season! Damn and Blast.

Range Image 5

For those of you wanting to get some practice in the Range is open Tuesday-Saturday! With Private Practice Evenings on Tuesdays (Contact Us for more info), and Late Night Openings on a Thursday until 8:30PM! Book yourself a slot over at OR Via our Facebook Page @A2Range

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