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King Arms product update

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Here is all the latest news from King Arms:


King Arms, Make A Wish Lucky Draw!!!KA become your SANTA!!! Activity has come to the end. Are you all ready for the Draw?

We will start the Draw after we finish picking those fits Activity requirement.

keep follow up, we will post a Lucky Draw full process on King Arms facebook.

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Thompson needed you to upgrade your wood kit.

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #Thompson

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Python 357 Evil silver is coming for you, stay tuned.
King Arms Python 357 Evil (Gas version) – Silver
#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #Revolver #357Magnum #Evil #Python357Evil

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Quick pull adjustable PDW Stock
#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #PDW

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SANTA tell us happy not only on Christmas, happy should continue on!
Make A Wish Lucky Draw!!!
Draw continue on, stating form now everyone can join us again. Lucky Draw will continue until 2020/03/02.
join us like before,You will get chance to get the product you pick for FREE!!!! We will draw 3 winner so don’t miss your chance to get the gift you like!
If you really can not go to store for any reason, we allow you Photoshop yourself with a KA gun, but still remember to tag a near by store for the gun, and make sure that gun is in stock at that store, or else we will not able to give you gun!!
#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #Christmas2019 #Xmas #KA_SANTA #NewYear #2020

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(King Arms)

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