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Novelties at Gunfire

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest news from Gunfire:

New delivery – Earmor!
New delivery from Earmor has just arrived at Gunfire. Earmor’s tactical hearing protection devices are characterized by exceptionally solid, comfortable construction and good performance at a very attractive price! Their offer also includes protective glasses and other accessories.


Restock – G&G!
Several tons of the highest quality, precise G&G Armament BBs have just arrived at our storehouse! Among them are standard BBs, biodegradable BBs, and Tracer BBs available in many weights, colors, and various types of packaging.


New delivery – GATE!
Be sure to check out the new delivery of great products from the Polish brand GATE! It includes interesting new products like a series of already known TITAN ™ controller sets in BASIC versions!


New delivery – LayLax!
Check out the delivery of Japanese LayLax products. Their offer consists of precision barrels, tuning parts for sniper rifles replicas, rails, bags and other original parts and accessories.  


New delivery – Maple Leaf!
It includes wide range of new products like Crazy Jet precision barrels dedicated to gas replicas or high-quality Hop-Up rubbers for GBB and AEG replicas like popular Macaron, Super Macaron or Hybrid.


New delivery – Prometheus!
If you are looking for top-shelf tuning parts for your replica, be sure to see the new delivery of Prometheus products! Among them are gearbox parts, hop-up bucking and excellent precision barrels.  


Restock – Tokyo Marui!
In the delivery from Tokyo Marui you will find many interesting products: GBB pistols, AA-12, or SGR-12 shotguns, SCORPION MOD.M submachine gun, and the best-selling replica of the MK23 pistol with a Socom silencer, dedicated LAM, and a suitcase.  



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