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Airsoft Atlanta: Neighborhood WARS – We got you covered

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Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:


Airsoft Atlanta Update

We have a lot of parents calling and asking about a great ‘starter package’ for neighborhood wars.  In a nutshell you’ll need the following:  AEG gun, battery (1600mah 9.6v nunchuck Tamiya plug), Valken charger, BBs (we recommend .25g weight, but any will work), sling, and face/eye protection.  That’s the bare minimum to get started with your neighborhood friends while out of school.  Of course we have lots of extra accessories and gear to complete any loud out as well.  Feel free to email or call us (770-449-9991) with additional questions.  We’re here Mon-Fri 10-4pm.

We are open for online orders and shipping with fast processing time.  Easter Weekend orders will ship Monday. The warehouse is open and shipping.  Our showroom remains temporarily closed until Georgia lifts its shelter in place order.

Stay tuned to our Instagram for updates.  USPS Priority is 1-3 days usually + FedEx Ground for quick shipping around the southeast area.  There may be shipping delays due to the COVID-19 out of our control, but we will do our best to ship asap.

Product Updates:  G&G restocking this week.  Full restock on SHS partsSHS Parts here  Springs, shims, gear sets, Double Sector Gears, etc.  Everything but motors was restocked!  If you need a motor, we suggest the ASG motors until we’re restocked on SHS again.

G&G restock coming in soon!  Guns and accessories, plus some new goodies arriving.


New Echo 1 TAP Hi-Capa pistols –  $129.99 aluminum –  Awesome 5.1 style HI-Capa pistols!  Full metal and custom stippled grips.  Uses all standard WE, AW Custom, TM magazines, and Jag TTI mags (in stock at $19.99 !!).  Black and bronze colors available. From Echo 1.


NEW Echo 1 AEGs – upgraded for 2020!  Black/tan variants of the CQC and CQB Models in stock.  See new products page for details.$174.99 and $199.99 each.


VALKEN Energy Battery Tester Rig –  A great device to test your batteries’ voltage, capacity, and cell balancing.  No power needed – except for the battery you’re testing.  Great to have for your team or event as needed.  Check it out: $17.99


That’s all the news for this week!  We have lots of other parts and accessories listed as well.  Our inventory is live online, so you can always see how many we have available and ready to ship.

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