New VFC AVALON series, KWA MOD.3 & more at Airsoft Atlanta

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:

Covid Update: We are still Shipping Fast! Orders placed on the weekend ship Monday morning. Weekday orders usually ship same-day if placed in the morning.  There are still some covid USPS shipping delays beyond our control, so order early to ensure prompt delivery.  Some tracking #s don’t always scan updates when in transit at postal facilities, but rest assured that when you receive a tracking # via email from us, your package has left our warehouse en route to your address.

VFC Avalon M4 Samurai Edge AEG – Black.  Full metal M-Lok rail system.  Includes upgrades from Maple Leaf and a red trigger. This and a few other awesome airsoft guns from Elite Force are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a high end AEG. $499 available now


ARCTURUS M4 and AK AEG Variants – Back in stock and limited edition full restock! This is the last production run until sometime in 2021, so once we’re out, we’re sold out until 2021.  All the M4 and full metal AK AEGs are available. Uses a 11.1v battery (sold separately) as a native configuration.  These guns are beasts right out of the box.  For advanced players, but beginners can pick them up too with a little guidance on its use. 
Check ’em out here.  $154-344 various each


The KWA QRF 2.5 MOD.3 AEG airsoft gun. The QRF MOD 3 sets the airsoft standard on what a perfect CQB AEG should be with a very short pistol SMG style AEG. $304.99 available now – 3-pack midcaps also available


NEW Glock 34!  $249 Finally here – the VFC full blowback Co2 handcannon with upgraded CNC slide and steel Glock hammer assembly is in stock.  Fully licensed Glock product GEN4 design. Comes w/real Glock pistol foam case. These are beast!


NcStar Soft Armor Plates $79.99/plate. NcSTAR Ballistic Armor Soft Panel 10"x12" SAPI Shooters Cut (one panel) These are real soft armor plates intended for real world use.  The level is rated for most pistol calibers like 9mm and 44mag.  These are real – not for airsoft.
NcStar Level 3+ Hard Ballistic Cermanic/Poly Plates now also available.  Stops 5.56 and other rifle rounds. $181 each Available here


KWA RN47 Ronin AEG!  $355  Using AK mags with a very compact M4 style lower/upper receiver. Compact PDW stock and all metal upgraded M-Lok short CQB rail system.  This is a compact beast for both indoor and outdoor battlefields.2.5 AEG gearbox and shoots 360 FPS out of the box.  3 packs of AK 120-rd midcaps also available.


Matrix Low Profile JPC Plate Carrier (LPC) $57.99 in BLACK – JPC style tactical vest. Perfect for lightweight and versatile airsoft play on the field. The JPC has front pouch area that fits M4 or other types of magazines (3 spots) securely. Fits 10×12 inch plates in front and back.


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