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Jia Dyi: Those Remarkable by Farsan

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Jia Dyi have been taking a closer look at some Farsan products:

Jia Dyi Those Remarkable by Farsan

Honorable clients,

Farsan/Hawsan was founded in 1979. At first, it mainly researched and developed various educational toys, and gradually evolved to specialize in the development and production of various long and short toy guns in response to market demand. Covers various long and short prop guns, model guns, BB guns, air guns, etc. Today, Farsan is a well-known brand at home and abroad. And now they have produced many special models that are different from other brands.


The Mad Max Shotgun must be the most popular product of Farsan, designed with great attention to detail and function. This famous shot gun is known for the TV series MADMAX and inspired by the 19th century coach gun from the far west. The old pioneers used to cut the stock and barrels to make the gun easier to carry and handle, and as with the original the replica is made by using full metal body and barrels with good enough wood type fabric, which has been painted over for a long service life. In addition to the full metal construction, the real wood fittings in particular ensure a look that is true to the original. The workmanship is also impressive and all parts are mounted firmly.


The shot function is also modeled very closely on the original, works just like the real steel with its loading mechanism and firing option (Dual Triggers). To load the gun, you must break the gun in half like the real thing, insert its two shotgun shells which can be filled in advance with green gas and up to seven 6mm BBs (the more rounds are filled, the higher the scattering effect). There is a functional trigger safety device on the shotgun, and with the dual triggers system, each of the two cartridges can be triggered separately. After firing, the barrel can be tilted forward again and the two cartridges can be removed just like the original.


The Mad Max Shotgun shoots hard and is a great piece to have, weather as an action airsoft weapon or as an authentic and realistic piece for collectors. There are different Caliber, barrel and capacity to choose from: 6mm/ 8mm, short/long barrel and 6rds/24rds/45rds.


The Farsan Mid-fold Air pistol is a non-blowback pistol but still has a nice jolt when you pull that trigger hearing the loud muzzle report along with a nice kick. There is no hop-up but it’s surprisingly accurate even without a hop-up, the larger targets aren’t much of an issue and the smaller ones could be nailed by aiming with a sight. There are two barrels options, the short barrel one with a 32cm length and the longer barrel with a 42cm length. They are largely identical but the longer barrel has a bit more leverage so it’s easier to break open that barrel, they are a little bit off despite but the two different models felt about the same in terms of accuracy, and the velocity shoots about 460fps-480fps.


Its full polymer built along with metal internals, overall build quantity is quite good made no mistakes, it feels like an air pistol, the barrel is absolutely solid and break open action makes a satisfying click, the whole pistol is fully ambidextrous, the grip is one of those organic ones and is comfortable though the angle is canted far forwards. Up top there’s a basic knot and iron sights and there’s adjustment for windage but not for elevation. It’s a very nice one to have in collection, very simple design and even without maintenance there’s just not a lot that can go wrong. It’s powerful enough that it doesn’t feel like a toy and it’s cheap to shoot all day long.


The Thompson Contender G2 is a break action pistol designed by Thompson Center Arms in the late 1990s. The Contender G2 is the second generation of the Thompson Contender Pistol, one of Thompson’s most successful designs. Farsan produced a replica which standard with a break-action and single-shot system, full with realistic and also very special on the appearance.


-134A/Green Gas powered

-Single-shot pistol

-Alloy upper receiver

-Alloy front and rear sight

-Alloy lower frame with plastic handguard

-Alloy trigger and hammer

-Alloy outer barrel

If you are interested in the above products, please contact local legit dealers first or keep Jia Dyi informed at sales@jiadyi.com, if there’s any more curious, or want to share any of your ideas with us, welcome to contact us as well, we can also provide you suggestion & information that you need.

(Jia Dyi)

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