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New deliveries at Gunfire

by News Fairy

Gunfire have lots of new items in stock this week:

Novelties at Gunfire: Secutor Arms, J-Series with ASTER, Theta Optics and more! New deliveries of Range Solutions targets and Tornado magazines | Hop-Up CNC ME – PRO Maxx Model/Specna Arms chamber

We’ve restocked the inventory of Secutor Arms replicas. These include the Rudis, Bellum, and Ludus series CO2 pistols, as well as the Rapax DMR electric carbines and shotguns. Secutor Arms replicas offer many interesting design solutions.

Our offer includes Specna Arms J-Series replicas with the ASTER unit from the Polish brand GATE. The unit offers a lot of functionalities, such as protection from reverse polarization of a battery, innovative optical sensors, and 315 trigger sensitivity settings.

Delivery from Tornado means a fresh batch of airsoft accessories and tuning parts such as Piano Wire springs, powerful F1 High Torque gen.2 motors, precision barrels, or CNC hop-up chambers. Also, check out the large selection of magazines.

The delivery from Theta Optics includes a wide selection of solid optical sights for airsoft replicas, including open and closed red dot sights, scopes, and mounts. The new products include Compact Advanced collimators and new scopes.

Specna Arms, in cooperation with Maxx Model Products, has prepared a new aluminum Hop-Up chamber. Maxx Model makes tuning parts for the most demanding players. Their products offer the precision of craftsmanship unprecedented on the market. Attention to details guarantees the perfect operation of the HU system in the replica.

In the new delivery from the Polish brand Range Solutions, you will find many designs of high-quality targets for sport and recreational shooting. We have added a few novelties to the offer, such as new IPSC Micro and Drill-4 targets, as well as colorful buckles for IPSC DAA belts made with the 3D printing technique.

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