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New deliveries at Gunfire

by News Fairy

Gunfire have some new items in stock this week:

New delivery – A&K
Among the novelties that have reached us are the 1873 Lever Action series of green gas rifles, several variants of the Russian SWD sniper rifle, full metal, spring shotguns, as well as electric DMR replicas from the AXR series.

New brand – Dye Precision We introduce to our offer Dye Precision brand, a manufacturer of paintball accessories. Their products are more and more often chosen by CQB and Speedsoft players. In the beginning, we introduce the popular models of I4 and I5 masks with additional accessories such as replaceable glasses and inserts.

Restock – Fosco Appropriate camouflage is the basis for any type of airsoft and military operations. If you are looking for high-quality masking paints, be sure to check out the new supply of Fosco paints in the entire range of colors.

New delivery – Modify
It includes the long-awaited PP-2K replicas powered by CO2, green gas and several dedicated accessories. The delivery also includes other Modify products, such as XTC carbines or the new piston with Nitroflon-coated teeth.

Restock – Prometheus If you are looking for top tuning parts for your replica, check out the supply of Japanese brand Prometheus products. You will find several top-shelf internal gearbox parts and a large selection of precision barrels, springs, and Hop-Up chambers. Our offer also includes a special line of Prometheus Specna Arms Edition components, thoroughly tested for compatibility with Specna Arms replicas.

New delivery – Umarex Delivery from Umarex, as usual, means excellent replicas under the license of such firearms manufacturers like Glock, Walther, Heckler & Koch, or Beretta. Among them, you will find the latest designs, such as modern versions of the G36 with KeyMod fronts, HK416 A5, and the entire Glock family.

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