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PTS EPM1 midcap magazines now at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Airsoft Atlanta have received a delivery of PTS EPM1 midcap magazines:

PTS EPM1 Midcap Magazines are back in stock again.  Available and shipping now.  We never “pre-order” months in advance like others.  Order now and it ships Friday 5/7.

Newest upgraded edition – comes with the newly upgraded mag follower pre-installed at the factory for durability. 

$31.99 each – available in Desert Tan and Black.

LIMIT OF 3 PER CUSTOMER (3 of each color, so you can get 3 black and 3 tan for a total of 6). This is to ensure everyone gets a few to try out before we sell out.  These usually sell out in hours.

Regular black EPM Magazines also restocked in limited numbers.  More possibly coming on a 2nd shipment soon.

EPM-G series also available – G36 Midcaps!  $21.99 each.

Use FedEx option if you want more reliable tracking numbers and faster times for delivery.  USPS is all messed up and delayed with a 2-5+ extra delay in delivery days.

Airsoft Atlanta

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