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Jag Arms TTI Taran Tactical Hi-Capa at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Airsoft Atlanta have received a shipment of Jag Arms TTI Taran Tactical Hi-Capa Green Gas Blowback Pistols:

The Taran Tactical TTI airsoft Hi-Capa green gas full blowback model is finally back in stock!  One of the best out of the box Hi-Capas pre-upgraded.  Can use any Hi-Capa Co2 or green gas WE/TM/EMG type Hi-Capa magazine (AW Customs, etc).

Previous batch sold out fast, so don’t wait long.  This is limited edition and not sure when we will get more. Airsoft gun inventory is very limited due to current factory and supply chain issues.

This newest version has the upgraded magazine follower, reinforced flexible feedlips, and normal spring tension in its magazines for reliability.  Also: Please do NOT drop the magazine on the ground, as its feedlips can still break with enough force.  The magazine release will drop the mag faster than you can catch it: it drops fast!

$164.99 each – available and ships same or next business day (update magazine version)
Spare TTI magazines are also available $29.99 ea. (updated version) 

Use FedEx option if you want more reliable tracking numbers and faster times for delivery. 

Airsoft Atlanta

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