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Action Army AAP-01 Pistols $99 in stock at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Airsoft Atlanta have a limited stock of the Action Army AAP-01 Pistols at $99:

Action Army AAP-01 full-auto gas blowback pistols restocked!  Ready to ship! Both black and tan variants in stock $99.99 each.  Extra spare green gas magazines also in stock and available. These WILL sell out quickly and won’t be available again for months.  Limited quantity – ONE per household/customer only.

Fully stocked on AAP-001 folding stocks, custom parts, and accessories.  The AAP-001 is also perfectly matched with the G&G UVT 2.0 Tracer Unit.  Check it out

Orders placed now will ship Tuesday 7/20/21 with a tracking # emailed to you.  Use FedEx for more reliable tracking and speedy service.  USPS is more reliable too for a more cost effective, albeit slower shipping method.

Airsoft Atlanta

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