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ARCTURUS AEGs back at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Airsoft Atlanta have a limited stock of Arcturus AEGs:

Arcturus AEGs are back in stock Very limited edition batch, so get one while you can.  We were sold out for months and finally got the 2021 updated models with native Deans battery connections and new packaging.  Don’t worry if you have a tamiya battery as these also come with an optional adapter for use with any battery plug type.

All M4 models and AK variants in stock and ready to ship.  11.1v or 7.4v Li-Po or Li-Ion battery recommended (battery and charger not included).

AEGs start at $174.99 +

The Arcturus guns are some of the most realistic and heavy duty airsoft guns available for such a low price point. Along with taking a 11.1v lipo out of the box, they have been very reliable and fun to shoot.  Great for intermediate to advanced players.

Use FedEx option if you want more reliable tracking numbers and faster times for delivery

Airsoft Atlanta

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