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BCMAIR MCMR 11.5“ AEG | AMNB review part 1

by News Fairy

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the BCMAIR MCMR AEG:

I know some of you out there already say “it’s just another M4 build, come on don’t hype it that much”, and yes, you’re right. It’s basically an M4 on an already existing AEG platform (internally) by VFC, but what makes the difference here is the license from BCM incl. their rifle accessories that offer new ways of modifications which some of us who pay attention to such details with their kits/loadouts really enjoy!

“If you find yourself in this group, the BCMAIR MCMR is made for ya!”

In our Part 1 review, we go over this rifle from head to toe to point out the key features that you’re maybe interested in.


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