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Massive ICS Gun Restock & Lots of New Guns at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Here is all the latest stock news from Airsoft Atlanta:

ICS full restock + new ICS guns!  Check out the awesomeness below:

ICS CXP-UK1 Captain Gun AEG – New M4 ICS gun variants + tons of restocks!  The ICS gun series is definitely one of our favorite new product lines for both their build quality and style.

$399.99 each
ICS Hi-Capa Challenger Green Gas Pistol – this and many more ICS green gas pistols are in stock.  SOLID and great shooters right out of the box.

ICS L85 A2 British Rifle AEG – Get ready to rock the UK with this infantry rifle.  Play differently, innit?

$469 (Rifle) or the $549 (LMG style)
ICS M1 Garand Gun AEG – more weird guns!  This Garand is made right and not junky like some we’ve seen in the past.  Solid build!  It also takes these unique “clips” which is kinda cool.

$184+ each
Alright, we got the M3 ICS Grease Gun AEG too.  It’s super awesome!

ICS XFG Green Gas Pistol  – Various colors and options for the FGX gas pistol lineup.  A solid gas blowback pistol for both new players and advanced.

$129 each.

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