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Laylax restock at Land Warrior Airsoft

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Land Warrior Airsoft have received a delivery from Laylax:

We recently received a restock from Laylax, bringing the best of the best airsoft parts and accessories from the Far East to our store to your door!

Lot’s of love has been given to the offerings from SIG AIR, including the long-awaited Short Handguards and all-new side-folding stocks, perfect for making a truly unique rifle! Along with Laylax’s internal wizardry from barrels to motors and more, to your external magic such as their new Sigma Triggers that will work on both regular AEG’s and also Tokyo Marui’s rifles with their Next Gen. Recoil System, you can build your dream bespoke rifle.

Another cool new product for your attention is their AeroFlex Face Guard; born out of necessity as LayLax examined methods in making the airsoft experience more comfortable. The Aeroflex face guard does not strive to reinvent the wheel but rather make it a smoother ride. Achieve a proper cheek well on your rifle keeping a natural comfortable posture, and keep your face and teeth well-protected at the same time!

We also received a big restock on a lot of Laylax items, such and their very popular internal parts which are a common sight in our high-tech and high-quality LEOTEK Rifle Builds, alongside Chest RigsPouches (including the new dedicated kydex P90 Magazine pouches, great for those who picked up a Krytac P90!), Holsters and more!

For our entire Laylax range, plus everything else that we do, see our website here and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay posted on all our sales and specials, along with daily updates on stocks and general shenanigans!​

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