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Krytac restock at Land Warrior Airsoft

by News Fairy

Land Warrior Airsoft have received a delivery from Krytac:

One of the best companies in the Modern-Era of airsoft, and we have their most popular items available now!

KRYTAC, established in Southern California in 2013, is a cutting-edge product development team of the firearms manufacturer KRISS USA, with a primary focus for airsoft replicas. Every process of development is aimed at offering the best possible ownership experience, from beginning to end. KRYTAC strives for excellence with a team comprised of highly experienced professionals who have come together for one common goal; to elevate your expectation of performance, value, and service.

It’s no surprise then that their many variants of Airsoft RIF’s are very popular at sites all over the UK, and very sought after!

With the return of their CRB-M and SPR-M’s, whether you want a shorter or longer barrelled AR, you know it’s going to be of top-quality; be that if you require a a modernised carbine that excels in close quarters and wide open outdoor engagements, or the ideal scout rifle to take into the field that also champions as a DMR-base! Both the CRB and SPR have very impressive stock internals but also shine as a base for upgrades, perfect for our LEOTEK upgrade packages!

If you’re after another style of AR, why not check out their gorgeous Warsport LVOA’s, their ultra-compact PDW’s and their mighty LMG-E’s capable of holding 3500 rounds in its monstrous box magazine!

If AR’s aren’t your thing, Krytac still has you covered! Be it their iconic selection of SMG’s from their new EMG FN Licensed P90 or their very popular Kriss Vector variants that we have just received in, from the original design with the Matte Black finish to the Limited Edition and Alpine offerings!

For all things Krytac and more, be sure to check out our website here and for daily updates on what’s going on at LW HQ, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!​

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