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Silverback Airsoft restock at Land Warrior Airsoft

by News Fairy

Land Warrior Airsoft have received a fresh delivery from Silverback Airsoft:

The long-awaited return of Silverback Airsoft at Land Warrior Sports is finally upon us!

Established in 2008 by airsoft players in Hong Kong, their goal was to provide their fellow players around the world with innovative and high quality products that one to enhance their airsoft experience!

One of their most popular offerings makes a triumphant return, the TAC-41 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, complete with a myriad of awesome features. A very capable long-range rifle that is surprisingly light and short, weighing at around 2.65 Kg’s locked and loaded, and measuring at 110 cm’s long. Ideal for both urban and woodland environments! We expect these to sell very quickly so don’t hesitate!

We also received a variety of parts and accessories to accompany the TAC-41, such as Magazines, Triggers, Outer Barrels, Suppressors and more! To get your new long-gun properly tricked out, click here!

We also have more of the tried and true Silverback Sniper Rifles, the SRS – both the Sport and Covert – and the HTI .50 BMG – an intimidating behemoth designed after the iconic Anti-Material Rifle sure to hold back any oncoming enemy with ease!

See our website for more and be sure to follow us on both Facebook and Instagram.​

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