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LWA – The best of Beretta

by News Fairy

Land Warrior Airsoft have been taking a closer look at the Umarex Berettas they stock:

Beretta has been in the business longer than everybody else.

Since 1526, when they were commissioned a number of firearm parts from the Arsenal of Venice, they have become a staple of not only history, but a major part of gun culture. As the Beretta name became synonymous with uncompromising quality, design, materials, construction and performance, word spread beyond the Italian borders, establishing a tradition that has carried over, uninterrupted, through fifteen generations of Berettas.

Umarex currently hold the licensing for their official replicas, and we hold the sole distribution rights for Umarex in the UK for all things airsoft and paintball!

Such as the well-vetted Beretta M9A3 Co2, a systematically upgraded version of the traditional 92FS, with a Redesigned Frame, Picatinny Rail and Muzzle Thread, all features found on the real-steel M9A3! We currently have this pistol available in both Black and Flat Dark Earth, meaning this gorgeous and reliable pistols ticks all the boxes!

If you after something a little bit different than the M9A3, we can still get you sorted! Such as the Beretta Elite IA, designed to meet the requirements of special units, this GBB Pistol strongly resembles classic Beretta models. Subtle differences in this blackened pistol like the skeletonized hammer, mounting rail, additional serrations and reinforcements of the slide at key points make this an ideal service weapon.

If you’re after a more traditional piece, the Beretta MOD. 92 enjoys an excellent reputation among police officers, and this classic Italian pistol is also a favorite among civilian users throughout the world. This full-metal version for 6mm BB comes in Flat Dark Earth with Black Functional Elements and Grips.

We have more like this by Umarex and many other companies on our website, and you can also find us on both Facebook and Instagram for more news like this on the daily!​

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