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Tokyo Marui restock at Land Warrior Airsoft

by News Fairy

Land Warrior Airsoft have received a fresh delivery from Tokyo Marui:

A highly-anticipated restock, be quick because many of these items will go lightening quick!

We just received a big restock from Tokyo Marui, one of the leaders in airsoft innovation across the globe and responsible for some of the coolest in guns, be that across the history of airsoft to today!

For those who can’t decide if they prefer recoil AEG’s or GBBR’s, we have Mk18 Mod.1 in both variants! If you prefer the reliability of an AEG but still want that recoil and additional features, or if you want the full Gas Blowback experience and the satisfying ‘thunk’ of a moving bolt, we have exactly what you’re after!

If you’re a fan of the Old West, we just received the all-new Single-Action Army .45. Perfect for all you outlaws, or if you just want a classic piece for your collection! Another cool new pistol with the recent delivery is the Curve Compact Pistol. Perfect for those games that require you to keep low-profile, this small and stealthy pistol is sure to surprise both you and anyone on the business end!

Another wicked new piece that made it’s way to us is the all-new VSR-One. Based on the highly reliable VSR-10 mechanism, it is a modernised model that incorporates a trendy style with high expandability and improved operability and mobility. Take the shot and move fast!

We also received a restock of many popular TM items, such as the AK Storm, the modular FNX-45 plus spare mags and suppressors, the intimidating KSG Shotgun, 4 different variants of their gorgeous FN SCAR replicas and so much more! You don’t need to look anywhere else for your Marui needs!

For all we do here at Land Warrior, check out our website here and to see more of what we do, be that our (mis)adventures at LW HQ and beyond, new items and restocks, what events we currently have running, plus much more original content for your viewing pleasure, be sure to follow us on both Facebook and Instagram!​

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