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New ICS DMR at Airsoft Atlanta

by News Fairy

Airsoft Atlanta have some new items in stock:

Brand NEW – PTS ZEV Core Elite Airsoft Electric Guns (AEGs). Comes decked out with PTS furniture and high quality pre-upgraded internals.  Highly recommended for experienced players and new players that want the best right from the start.

$374+ each

ASG ICS CXP-MARS.II DMR M4 AEG – both SSS mosfet and regular mosfet style.  New 2023 DMR model!

$469-515 each

ASG ICS CXP-MARS.II Carbine M4 AEG – Black airsoft gun – new 2023 model!


NEW – Gate Aster SE MOSFET is a complex system that turns your AEG into a future-proof advanced training weapon. Aster V2 SE raises the price-performance ratio including the Quantum Trigger.  Comes in various wire and gearbox version configurations.

$72.90 each

Airsoft Atlanta

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