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Tokyo Marui Pre-Order from Land Warrior

by News Fairy

Land Warrior are taking pre-orders for the Tokyo Marui Saiga-12 SBS and Chiasto’s Handgun:

Incoming greatness at Land Warrior? Hell yeah!

Tokyo Marui is a name that needs no introduction, as a true founding member of airsoft worldwide they still make some of the best products to hit the market to this day! And we have some of their latest and greatest coming to LW for those in the UK wanting to treat themselves to something awesome!

After the initial release of the Saiga-12K Gas Blowback Shotgun sent quakes throughout the CQB community as a new dominating force, TM have followed it up! Introducing the Saiga-12 SBS; Not only is it capable of firing three shots simultaneously much like the original 12K, but the barrel of this new iteration has been notably cut down and the Solid AK stock has been swapped out for an AR style stock with a buffer-tube, greatly improving the ergonomics and cutting down the overall length significantly making it even stronger for CQB fields! And what if you like to use shotguns outdoors? You’re in luck, as the SBS has also been equipped with a Full-Auto Function, meaning you can rip and tear through any oncoming threat at your next outdoor game!

Attention any fans of “Licorice Recoil”! Tokyo Marui has dropped a must-have for your collection: an airsoft pistol meticulously crafted to resemble Chisato Nishikigi’s signature weapon. This Gas Blowback pistol boasts faithful renditions of the anime’s design, making it a dream piece for both airsoft enthusiasts and cosplayers alike. Based on reference materials and depictions in the anime, Tokyo Marui has replicated key features like the strike face integrated compensator, a distinctive element that adds a tactical flair. The grip has also been faithfully reproduced to match the originals design while also providing a comfortable and ergonomic hold.

Both the Saiga-12 SBS and Chisato’s Handgun are available on our site right now for Pre-Order, with spare magazines also available at this time, but both the replicas and their mags are expected to be claimed fast! We are estimating a delivery date around Mid-April for these items so don’t miss out and secure your own now!

We have many other items for TM on their way to us in this order, including but not limited to… their Mighty URG-I, Mk18’s and SCAR’s featuring their NGRS system, a massive collection of pistols from Desert Eagle’s to Hi-Capa’s to 1911’s and many more, plus magazines for all rifles and pistols mentioned here, meaning you can treat yourself to a fresh replica and be able to take it to the field at your earliest convenience! 

We also have plenty Marui goodness currently in-stock now, so be sure to check out out website to see if you can nab your next pride and joy ASAP!

All this and so much more is available at Land Warrior Sports! For more news like this be sure to follow us over the various socials we’re on and to also check out our website! 

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