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Airsoft GITV sneak peek at Echo 1’s 2010 new releases!

by News Fairy

Airsoft GI have two new videos showing a sneak peek at Echo 1’s new releases:

We would like to thank our friends at Echo 1 for allowing us to film these guns before they hit the market.  These are sneak peek videos of pre-production samples of the Echo 1 MK17 and the Echo 1 RPK, enjoy.  Also, stay tuned early next week when we air the exclusive interview with Echo 1 where they shed some light on the whole "rebrand" issue that’s been the topic of discussion for so long…

Finally, restocked items, if you’ve been waiting for one of these items to come back in stock you’d better act fast:
AE .20 black bb
AE .23 white bb
AE .28 white bb
Combat Machine blowback
Combat  Machine blowback tan
M4 high cap
KP45 NS2 Mags
M19/17/18c high cap
KP45 Tactical mag
M93r standard mag
M93r hi cap
Kp8 compact mag
Kwa hop up bucking
MP7 hi cap
KWA AEG Gear Set
KWA AEG piston
KP45 Tactical
KP45 Match
M16 battle rifle

Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

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