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JG and Dboy items back in stock at CRW

by News Fairy

Here is the latest news from CRW:

Hi, CRW will have an Easter Holiday Break from 1st -4th April 2010, no email will be answered that period of time.

CRW now has JG and Dboy items back in stock.

mp5j-full-metal-cm-041j--1082-pekm556x239ekm mp5j-full-metal-cm-041j--1082-pekm556x239ekm[1] gbb-mp5a5-full-metal-by-bell-1969-pekm556x239ekm

Mp5J Full metal (CM-041J) Mp5J CM-049J Blow Back Ver. GBB MP5A5 full metal

jm-full-metal-kac-sr16-urx-cqb-with-marking-903--1942-pekm55 oem-fn-scar-by-dboy-sc01-black--652-pekm556x239ekm full-metal-m4-ris-by-boyi-bi-5181m--490-pekm555x240ekm
KAC SR16 URX SCAR by DBOY (Sc01-Black) Full metal M4 RIS by BOYI (BI-5181M)

hk416-full-metal-by-dboy-bi-416--1506-pekm556x239ekm p90-red-dot-sd-with-metal-receiver-by-sy-sale-cheaper-shippi sale-hurricane-kimber-desert-warrior-kit-for-marui-was-us190

HK416 full metal by DBOY(BI 416) P90 Red dot SD by SY SALE!!!      SALE!!! Hurricane Kimber Desert Warrior 

kimber-warrior-by-army-r28-black-1977-pekm556x239ekm ppk-full-metal-gbb-by-xdy-1972-pekm556x239ekm glock-18c-aeg-marui-clone-by-cyma-49-pekm557x239ekm
Kimber Warrior by Army R28 Black PPK full metal GBB by XDY Glock 18c AEG (Marui clone) by Cyma

Regards, Eddie, Director (CRW)

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