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Stock update from Firesupport

by News Fairy

Here is the latest stock update from Firesupport:

Back in stock

  • The best M4 midcap metal magazines Classic Army Metal M4/M16 mags box of 6 130 round
  • Magpul polo shirts
  • Classic Army crane stock locking nut
  • Krylon back in stock
  • Milspec Monkey Patches and T Shirts
  • Excel BBs , bottles of .25g (3000) and .2g bottle (6000)
  • Kanzen Bearings – the best bearings for airsoft guns
  • Strike Aluminium Gun cases
  • Plus many more items (follow the link below to see more)



Classic army products back in stock

M16/M4 Midcap magazines pack of 6, 130 rnd
Excel bottles .25g bbs (3000)
Excel bottles .2g bbs (6000)
ASG Magazine GBB CO2 CZ 75D Compact
Clasic Army Stock, retractable, M15 A057P
Classic Army High silicone wire for G36 gearbox
Classic Army Magazine SA58 120 rnd midcap
Cylinder set for SR25
Airsoftrifle,AEG, PL, Armalite,M15 A4 Car., R.I.S.
Airsoftrifle, AEG, PL ,M15A4 CQB,Comp.,SEAL
Airsoftrifle, AEG, PL,Arsenal, SLR105 A1
Airsoftrifle, AEG, PL, SAR Sportmatch M41 ES
Airsoftrifle, AEG,Pl, B-T MP5 SD6
Airsoftrifle, AEG,PL, CA36K
Crane stock, M15 special forces, desert
Metal body, for AK47
Piston, SR25 Extensive
Magazine, AEG, AK series, 150 rd, 6 pcs
Chest rig, AK-M15 pouch, green
Airsoftrifle, AEG,PL, Armalite, CA25 Match
Metalbody, upper receiver,  MP5K
Airsoftrifle, AEG, PL, Armalite, M15A2 Rifle
Airsoftrifle, Sniper, PL, M24 SOCOM fluted bar.
Airsoftrifle, Spring, PL, Sniper, M24 SOCOM
Airsoftrifle, AEG, PL, Armalite M15A4 Carbine
Airsoftrifle, AEG, SLV, M15A4 Rifle
Adapter 14mm clockwise MP5K
Metal body w/ B-T Logo for MP5
Box magazine, M249-series (1200rd), woodland
Butt Plate for G3A3 & HK33
CA m249 outer barrel
systema Cylinder set, Bore Up, M16, VN
systema Cylinder set, N-B, P90
Wire, silicone w/fuse, MP5 solid stock
Motor, high torque, for  AK, AUG, Thomson
SR25 Extensive tappet plate
Airsoftrifle, AEG,PL, B-T MP5 A2
Airsoftrifle, AEG,PL, B&T MP5 A5, W. lamp
Airsoftrifle, AEG, SL, M15 A4 Tac. Carbine
Airsoftrifle, AEG, SLV, M15 A4 Tac. Carbine
Back rifle hand guard
6V Xeon light bulb
Stock, G3, w/Wiring
Bushing, Oiled steel, 7mm
Thigh holster, for D.E. 50AE, black
MP5 A4, Handguard w. flashlight 6V
Wire, silicone w/fuse, for M15A4 gearbox
Wire, silicone, 230 mm, M15
gearboks Locking screws, for Armalite M15
Selector Switch Set for M16 Series
Pin Set for MP5 Metal Body
Selector for MP5A5 (CA only)
Thigh holster, MP5K-M11-MP7-Vz61, adjust., black
Magazine, AEG, SR25,150 rd
Magazine, AEG, M14, 470 rd, 6 pack
Magazine, AEG, CA53/CA33E, 130 rd.
Case, Alu, 13x38x131 cm
Case, Alu, 13x25x121 cm
Sling MP5,tactical, black,
25mm, G3 Bearing Set, 7mm
Selector switch, G36
Gear Box Spring Set (For All Types)
Pellets, Blaster Devil, 0,28g, 3000 pcs. in bottle
CA M203 knob
G36 gas trap
Cranestock locking nut
systema Spring, taper, teflon, M120S
systema Metal bearing, Oilless metal
Fuse, 20 Amp., glas tube
Pellets, EXCEL, 0.20g – 6000 pcs. in bottle
Grid mask, medium, dark olive
Magazine, AEG, M16 series, 130 rd, 6 pcs
Fuse, 15 Amp., glas tube
Pellets, EXCEL, 0.25g – 3000 pcs. in bottle 

Thanks, Frank (www.fire-support.co.uk)

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