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New custom pieces at eHobbyAsia

by News Fairy

Here is the latest product update from eHobbyAsia:

EAC (Umarex) G36K Tactical Rail Custom

EAC-057-FG_2_mark_1.jpgEAC G36K Tactical Rail Custom (MAGPUL / Foliage Green)
Based on Umarex H&K G36K Airsoft AEG Rifle
— Synthetic Fiber + Zinc Alloy Construction
— 380FPS Muzzle Power
— Black Color Body + Foliage Green Rail Cover, Fore-Grip & MAGPUL PTS Magazine

This AEG Custom Gun Based on BRAND Umarex H&K G36K Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle!

EAC-057-FG_3_mark_1.jpgUmarex H&K G36K AEG

— New Bolt Blow Back System & Bolt Locking for Hop-Up Adjustment
— Official HK (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body
— Unique Serial Number on Body matching with Box
— Synthetic Fiber + Zinc Alloy Built
— Built-In 3.5x Aiming Scope at the Carry Handle
— Fully / Semi-Auto Shooting Mode
— Semi-Transparent Magazine show the dummy rounds and accommodate 50 Round 6mm airsoft plastic pellet
— Built with Full Metal Gear & Gearbox
— Archive 380FPS out of the box

EAC-057-FG_4_mark_1.jpgMAGPUL Custom Works:

  • MAGPUL Full Length XT Rail Panel (Magpul-009-FG)- For real steel and offer a solid grip on your handguard
  • MAGPUL AFG™ Angled Fore-Grip (Magpul-073-FG)- Designed to improve weapon ergonomics and increase shooter speed and efficiency
  • MAEAC-057-FG_1_mark_1.jpgGPUL PTS 120rd Original PMAG™ Series Magazine (MAGPUL-081-FG)- One-piece molded polymer body resists denting, eliminates spot welds/joints, and improves durability when dropped or crushed
  • New design RIS/RAS Handguard with TRI-RAIL System
  • Include STAR G36C to M4 Magazine Adaptor for your Magpul M4 Magazine can work with G36 Rifle (Package Come with Original Umarex Magazine Adaptor)
  • Front RAS allow installation up to 8.4V 1700mAh Battery (Mini Type, Mini Plug)
  • Aluminum Made 14mm Clockwise barrel extension tube


Based on BRAND NEW WOC X-Series G&P Custom Gas Blowback Rifle!

"X" stand for "Extreme Affordable", apart from original WOC Steel Version, this series use Lightweight Aluminum Parts to upgrade both internal & external parts.

Made by aluminum alloy with special treated to enhance its strength & durability based on WA M4 Gas Blow Back Rifle System

G&P WOC X-Series M4 Gas Blowback Rifle which is based on WA GBBR
– EA MAGPUL MOE Custom Defender Version
– Reinforced Aluminum Upgrade on both internal & external parts by G&P
– Robust enough to withstand Realistic Strong Recoil Action, but yet lightweight built
– MAGPUL Custom include: MOE Carbine Stock, MBUS Front & Rear Sight & MOE Pistol Grip
– Black Color

EAC-807-BK_2_mark.jpgEAC (G&P) M4 Defender MAGPUL MOE Custom Gas Blow Back Rifle (Black)

MAGPUL Custom Works:

– MAGPUL PTS MOE® Stock (MAGPUL-033) – featuring Friction Locking Function and the Ambidextrous Sling Mount Connection Points
EAC-807-BK_1_mark.jpg– Magpul PTS Back-Up Rear Sight (MAGPUL-044) – Spring Loaded Flip-Up system, release lever can be reached on left, right & top position
– MAGPUL PTS Pistol Grip (MAGPUL-047) – Storage Compartment for small objects or batteries

Gas Operated Blowback Rifle impact many airsofters how its realism of strong recoil action. eHobbyAsia would like to increase your enthusiasm further more on it. Check this WOCX Series, it might be the most valuable Defender GBBR ever!!

WOC X-Series Defender GBB Features:
– Installed WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure) (WP113) – provide steadier output whilst reducing the chances of misfires
– Reinforced Aluminum Metal Receiver with Laser Marking (Skull Fog Type "Navy Seal")
-WA M4 Commando Aluminum Outer Barrel (WP48)
-WA SPR Type Cocking Handle (WP52B)
-WA Knight’s Type Trigger Guard (WP66)
– All parts built from lightweight Aluminum Alloy, robust but yet affordable
– Offer Powerful 360FPS (w/ Top Gas) without modification

EAC-808-OD_MARK2_2.jpgEAC (G&P) M4 Defender ACS MOE Custom GBB (Olive Drab)

MAGPUL Custom Works:

– MAGPUL PTS ACS Carbine Stock (MAGPUL-056) – featuring Friction Locking Function & Sloping cheek weld
– Magpul PTS Back-Up Front / Rear Sight (MAGPUL-044) – Spring Loaded Flip-Up system, release lever can be reached on left, right & top position
EAC-808-OD_MARK1_2.jpg– MAGPUL PTS RVG™ (MAGPUL-086) – Rail Vertical Grip for any 20mm Picatinny System Rail
– MAGPUL XT Texture Rail Cover (MAGPUL-009)

Aluminum Made 14mm Clockwise barrel,

Ambidextrous QD Sling Swivel Socket can be installed with any single point tactical sling

Don’t forget to choose MS2 Multi-Mission Sling to enjoy Fast transition from Single-Point® to Two-Point configuration.

EAC Only available at EhobbyAsia.com


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