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New reviews & more from AirsoftCommunity.it

by News Fairy

Italian website Airsoft Community have some more reviews (in Italian and English) and photographs:

Hello, I am Marino, aka Mazariol, from the Italian airsoft site Airsoft Community.it We have  just published two new reviews and a reportage; the text it is in Italian as like as English language.

The first one depict an in depth review of the 9.11 Tactical Rifle Combo Backpack.

It could be read here.


The second one it is dedicated to the LBT 6094A REPLICA Airsoft Club, and you could discover it here.


At last, a huge photo-reportage depict one of the last Italian air shows: the one happened in La Comina Airfield. View it here.


Hoping you will appreciate these images, have our heartly wishes, Mazariol (Airsoft Community)

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