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H&K G36s, Ares’ revamped AEGs, KWA M1911 video review:

by News Fairy

Airsoft GI have a video review of the KWA full metal M1911:

Airsoft GI now has the Officially Licensed H&K G36 Blowback AEG Series!  Excellent build quality, inside and out.  Not only does it fee like the real thing it looks AMAZING with the H&K trademarks on it!


Also brand new on the AEG front is Ares’ new version M4.  Improvements that have been made from the old design:
1.  Improved Polycarb Piston (Similar looking to Prometheus POM Piston)
2.  Polycarb Ported Piston Head
3.  Traditional Hop Up Design (No longer attached to gearbox)
These changes most likely have been made to all Ares AEGs, not just the M4, but more definitive research will have to be done to confirm that, which we are working on.  Videos and descriptions will be updated accordingly as we dig deeper into these guns:


Best Regards, Tim Seargeant (Airsoft GI)

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