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Magpul PTS grips & much more at Circuit Airsoft

by News Fairy

Circuit Airsoft have restocked some of their most popular items and added some new ones as well:

We have just got some more MAGPUL PTS RVG Grips, MAGPUL PTS MOE MVG Grips and MAGPUL MBUS Backup Sights in as the last lot went within a week.

Also in Stock today are Magpul Polymer Rail Sets and the following Slings:

  • MAGPUL PTS Green Label MS2 Slings in Black and Tan
  • CORDURA CQB Single Point slings in Multi Cam
  • 2 Point Bungee Slings in Tan
  • Quick Release Safety Slings in Black
  • G&P Sling Swivel Sets.


All the Slings have been added to the Sling Category for ease!

Due in soon are some Badges that we have had made specially that will fit nicely on Sleeves or ID Panels, These will be Velcro Backed with extra Velcro provided.

Flags come in either: Union Jack, St Georges Cross, Scottish Cross, Irish Tricolor and we are working on the Welsh Flag as we kind of forgot that one!

As always………………….Enjoy! (Circuit Airsoft)

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