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Goodie bag & giveaway details for the Ai500

by News Fairy

We’ve just received details of what’s going to be in the Ai500 goodie bags and also some of the in game raffle prizes:

Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know we have a number of products (thanks to our sponsors and friends) that we will be giving away at the ai500

Each player will receive a goodie bag that includes

  • A pair of Revision Shooting glasses
  • A Ball Cap
  • A pistol Lanyard
  • A military publication from Osprey Publishing
  • A Multi Tool
  • A camouflage AEG net ( especially made for us by Mad bull)
  • 2 Pyro product from Enola Gaye
  • A Tin of Kick Ass gas
  • A copy of either the latest edition of Ai or Raider

The in game FREE raffle includes:

Umarex A G36 AEG, 2 x PDW EAGs, 6 x shot guns, G&G G210 AEG, ICS CXP 08, Enola Gaye box of grenades, Brass Guard Bat Mesh Mask

More will be added to the Goodie back or in game raffle as they come into the office. Never before as a game given so much back to its players. We’ll see you on the skirmish field

For more information: http://www.ai-mag.com/ai500/
To reserve your place: http://www.ai-mag.com/ai500_pay.cfm

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