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NEW AEP series "quickchange" Battery

by News Fairy

imageEagle6 Airsoft have a new quick change lipo battery for the AEP series:

Hi guys, Just thought we would let you know, Eagle6 Airsoft has finished the first run of the NEW quick change lipo battery for the AEP series! This is the first readily available battery which is designed to simply fit straight into your AEP series gun.  We are extremely happy with this product.  It really brings the AEP to life.


Remove the old nimh battery and slide in the new 7.4v 500mah lipo. EASY. And it gives a noticeable increase in both trigger response and ROF! No more having to dismantle your aep to fit custom lipo packs or dremel the gun to fit a lipo in it. Its probably the cheapest and easiest upgrade you’ll ever do to your AEP.

Price is £25 And can be brought from www.eagle6airsoft.co.uk

Cheers, Richard (Eagle6 Airsoft)

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