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EAiming AimPoint magnifier at Tiger111HK

by News Fairy

Tiger111HK have sent in details of one of the EAiming products they stock:

EAiming AimPoint 3X Magnifier with QD Twist Mount –BK

#Include Quick release Lever 30mm Scope Mount allow fast installation and detachment without taking off the mount base
#Fits for 20mm Standard Rail System


* Elevation Level (Focal to Rail): 30mm
* Length :110mm
* Objective Diameter :20mm
* Tube Diameter :30mm
* Magnification : 3X
* Built Material : Aluminum & Rubber

See more details, please click this link.
US $41.21 ONLY BUY IT NOW!!!!!!

For more details, Please VISIT our website. We do international shipping. (Tiger111HK)

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