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Airsoft in Merseyside – Delta Team 3

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imageDelta Team 3 have sent in some information about their group, an event taking place in Southampton this October and their new forum:

DT3 – An introduction
Delta Team 3 was originally set up by two Ex-British Army Parachute Regiment soldiers to provide a friendly but authentic experience for those wanting to airsoft in the UK. After establishing a ~30 acre woodland site up in Skelmersdale, roughly 30 minutes drive away from Liverpool’s City Centre, Roy returned home to Southampton which is where DT3 South play – at Sopley Camp, when it’s available.

Since being established, DT3 North now has approximately 30 regular skirmishers, holding events at least once, perhaps twice every month on a Sunday, and provides a wide range of scenarios including Fort Defence and Convoy Ambushes to give even those most experienced players a taste of something different. Some of the best features must include the price, which is a flat fee of £20 Walk On (which includes camouflage BDU hire if required), as well as bags of BB’s for £8 on site (for 5,000 qty 0.20g) and gun hire for £10. The walk on fee also includes a light snack at midday as well as plenty of fluid to keep you hydrated for the situations that follow. We also allow the use of all different types of pyrotechnics, including Blank Firing Grenades, but insist that all guns must follow the 350/425/500fps guidelines for them to be used.

Our next scheduled event is the 24th October. Please arrive on site by 1000 hours. We normally finish around 1600 hours.

Phil aka Yosser wrote a review about us, which can be viewed here.

Weekender Skirmish in Southampton – 8-10th October

Roy (DT3 South) is hosting a Weekender, between Friday 8th October 2010 and Sunday 10th October 2010 at Sopley Camp, Southampton. This is the same urban site that was used by Ground Zero, so lots of CQB combined with Woodland.

Here’s a few details – please go onto UK Airsoft Zone or Delta’s Airsoft Forums to view more information and updates as they come to me.

The Price will be £65, but that includes accommodation with hot water, electricity, beds with mattresses and meals throughout the day. So unlike other weekenders, you won’t need to bring your Tent, Sleeping bag and cuddly toys on this one. (Well the last part is always an option!) We’ll be skirmishing from Saturday morning until late Saturday night, with a possibility of some night skirmishing. It’ll be an early get-up on Sunday morning, with skirmishing continuing until around 1500 hours on the Sunday. Please check on the forums listed above for updates etc. For more information, please contact Roy on 023 8089 9369, or Alan on 07986053076. Thanks.

New Airsoft Forum


I’d also like to introduce Delta’s Airsoft Forums

Here’s just a few features to tease you:
* Free Sign-Up * Facebook Connect – Log into the forum by using your Facebook Details. * Active updating sidebar with latest forum threads, latest forum posts and contact us section. * Unique style relevant to the armed forces/ airsoft. * Various sections, including General Talk, Gear and Kit talk, Technical Help and Advice, Reviews etc. * Classifieds section so you can sell off your gear – also has Active restriction settings. * Itrader rating system whereby you can rate recent trades with a member. * Automatically Updating News Section from the RSS Feeds offered by news sites. * Facebook-Like Chat system so that you can instantly message any of your friends that are online. * Automatic Image Resizer to prevent large images slowing down your page viewing.

(Delta Team 3)

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