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L.A.T.C.H. helmets at Dingodogs Airsoft

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Dingodogs Airsoft have some new helmets as featured in Airsoft International:

Here at Dingodogs Airsoft (www.dingodogsairsoft.co.uk) we have a new product that is currently selling out fast on our website as well as in our high street store.

This new product is the L.A.T.C.H. (Light Assault Tactical Combat Helmet) Helmet which sells for a very competitive price of £79.99.


As featured in Airsoft International these helmets are what every loadout addict, geardo or people who just want to protect their heads from bb strikes etc. These helmets fit in with current UK & US Special Forces Loadouts.

imageProduct Information :

These are amazing!! The best Airsoft Replica Helmets we have seen in years. Grab these helmets while you can!!

The L.A.T.C.H. Light Assault Tactical Combat Helmet is available in Black, Camo, Tan & Green

These are highly detailed helmets.

Made from tough ABS.

They come complete with side rails & 1 picatinny rail, NVG shroud, NVG Retention Bungees.

The internals are completed with screws and bolts and everything holds firm and can be adjusted easily to fit all size heads.

All the internal pads are removable and adjustable.

What also makes this helmet stand out from the rest is the rotating dial at the rear of the helmet straps to tighten the grip on your head or loosen it!

Also they are not heavy,which is a bonus.


These helmets will not be around for long in our opinion!

We look forward to dispatching your helmets and dealing with your orders ;-)

(Dingodogs Airsoft & Tactical Supplies)

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