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New holsters & helmets at Badger Tac

by News Fairy

Here is the latest stock update from Badger Tac:

Hi, We would like to let you know we have some new and interesting items in stock these include the IMI holsters and accessories and the all new L.A.T.C.H Helmet.

The L.A.T.C.H. Light Assault Tactical Combat Helmet is available in Black,Camo,Tan & Green These are excellent replica helmets. They come complete with side rails & 1 picatinny rail, NVG shroud, NVG Retention Bungees. The internals are completed with screws and bolts and everything holds firm and can be adjusted easily to fit all size heads. All the internal pads are removable and adjustable. So if you are looking to complete that Special Forces loadout i would grab one of these while you can.


imageMore Information About IMI Retention Holsters

• Comfortable contoured fit
• Retention with zero time to disengage
• Sits where your trigger finger normally slides at "The Ready"
• Simply depress the lever and remove the firearm
• Fully adjustable for cant
• Rotates 360 degrees for every application (small of back, cross draw)
• Made of durable polymer
• Adjusts with simple Phillips head
• GREAT for civilians, off duty officers & military personnel
• Right handed Polymer Holster
• Protective sight channel

Available In Black Tan And Green and for a variety of models including SIg 226,H&K USP And USP Compact Berreta PX4 and 92, Colt 1911

We also have the low ride belt loops available for these model holsters.

Cheers, Dan and Ratty (Badger Tac)

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