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Celcius M4 MX2 training weapons in stock @Badger Tac

by News Fairy

imageBadger Tac have the Celcius M4 MX2 training weapons in stock:

Hi all, We at Badger Tac are really happy to announce that we are 1 of the 2 selected retailers for the  Celius Technologies M4  MX2 CTW’s for the UK.


The MX2 version of the CTW is a massive improvement over the original series 1. With much improved and more robust internals, these really are a sensible alternative to the much loved PTW’s & are less than 1/2 the price! They retain the same great realistic weight, feel & rate of fire as well accepting real steel rails and accessories.

All the range of Celius M4  MX2 CTW’s  have their own unique serial number and come with 1 years internal parts warranty, terms & conditions apply, backed up by the UK distributor.


Our initial batch of M4A1 MX2’s (£ 649.99) are in stock , along with spare 120bb Hi Speed Mags (£ 29.99)  & 11.1v LiPo batteries (£ 29.99 – £ 57.99)


As you may or may not know, the Celcius range of accessories and most internal parts such as motors etc are compatible with the Systema PTW series.

As well as that we also have our first batch of Vanaras accessories & upgrade parts including 120bb Poly Mags in Black & Tan at just £19.99 each, 6.03 barrels (£43.99) & upgrade springs (£12.99 – £13.99) which are again all compatible with the PTW series.

Our main order of more M4A1’s, M4 CQB’s, all internal parts and accessories are arriving around 08/11/11.

There are also of a couple of special editions in the pipeline too.

More on that when they arrive.

All the above are on the website for your viewing & ordering pleasure!!

Regards, Ratty & the Badger Tac Team
01295 658 600

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