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John Bianchi to join FoxFury at Shot Show

by News Fairy

Tim Ellwood of No Airsoft for Old Men has some exciting news about the upcoming Shot Show:

Huge Shot Show News

While a lot of the younger people will not know the name, the older guys in the "shooting sports" will recognize it.

FoxFury lights has been in talks for the last few months with, what I consider, one of the last remaining patriarchs of the gun industry. We will send out a press release tomorrow morning to announce that after retiring in 1992, John Bianchi is returning to the tactical market. He will be lending his unique vision in design to a new line of lights and more with FoxFury.

I have been in the firearms/le sales market for 30 years and I am more excited about JB being in our booth and working with us at SHOT this year than I would be if some gave me a basket of puppies!

Most of the legends in this industry are gone now, Keith, Cooper, Askens, O’Conner, Sketter and Jordan, but John is still going strong and ready to start a new chapter.

I am worried that most of the younger guys will not know who John is, or all the advances he made in the industry. I just finished reading his biography and even I didn’t know about so many things he started or designed ( ambi safety for the 1911, first practical police light, which became Maglite) I can tell you, the man is a class act.

(No Airsoft for Old Men)

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