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Deepfire M4A1 review – now with added Titanium!

by Marlowe


Cazboab has posted his first official Arnies review for the site on the new Deepfire M4. I’ll leave it to him to explain more:

Hi there folks, we’ve got a second review this week, not quite as exclusive, as Marlowe’s kashni-thingy, but Deepfire have sent us one of their new M4s for a look-see, its got titanium gears, titanium piston teeth, titanium coated other buts and I’m pretty sure the titanium is made of titanium.


Anyway on the outside its got replicas of some of the fanciest aftermarket AR-15 bits around and German made plastic bits(the only parts on the gun I’m relatively sure haven’t got much titanium in) inside its got Deepfire’s lovely titanium bits, so have a look at the review here. (Cazboab)

To watch a crazy Glaswegian talk about his armali-thingy, click here.

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