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King Arms FN Herstal P90 at Airsoft Megastore

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Airsoft Megastore have the FN Herstal P90 from King Arms in stock:

King Arms FN Herstal P90 Now Available at Airsoft Megastore


Close Quarters Combat refers to fighting in confined, normally urban, spaces; and requires a very different type of weapon than longer range outdoor combat. The King Arms FN P90 presents an effective answer to CQB scenarios with its bull-pup layout, which allows the P90 to have a more compact and maneuverable design and unique trigger mechanism. The King Arms FN P90 is fully ambidextrous, providing a comfortable and easy to use system for any style shooter. The upper receiver is made of a rugged aluminum-zinc alloy, with a tactical flat-black anodized finish and three 20mm rails for attaching accessories. The Sights on the King Arms FN P90 breaks away from the traditional FN Herstal P90 design, with a more modern rail and sighting system. Instead of being open end sights, King Arms incorporated closed iron sights, integrated into the extended top rail. The full metal tri-rail system features a high profile top rail which seats securely into the upper receiver.

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