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Kong Power Lipos & charger back in stock at Firesupport

by News Fairy

Firesupport have restocked their supply of Kong Power products:

Firesupport News – Kong Power Lipos and Charger back in stock
Firesupport August 2012 Kong Power Lipo News

UK Distributor for Kong Power Lipos
Stock updates – Kong Power Lipo and Chargers back in stock
Available to Trade and Retail customers


Back in stock at the best prices
More parts stocked than any other Airsoft shop in the UK.
Kong Power Lipos are some of the best Lipos available for Airsoft
Unbeaten Performance with a great track record.
7.4v and 11.1v split or single packs available
Sizes to meet all airsoft needs
Not the cheapest on the market but once you buy a Kong Power Lipo
You will not needs to look elsewhere.
Also available the Kong Power charger only £25
Charges Lipo, NiCd, NiMh, LiOn
The Size of a matchbox
Can charge off mains or DC.


Charges using the balancing leads

AC adapter included

Works off car battery or 12V DC input

Mini-Tamiya converter included
Tamiya converter included
Li-PO : 2cell / 3cell
Li-Fe : 2cell / 3cell
Li-ion : 2cell / 3cell
Ni-MH : 4cell – 10cell
Ni-Cd : 4cell – 10cell

See http://www.fire-support.co.uk/category.php?manufacturer=&cat=289&stock=&stpos=0&no_per_pg=999


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