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Thumpy’s video picks from YouTube

by News Fairy

Thumpy has picked out a couple of new airsoft related videos on YouTube he feels you must see:

This is an amazing HIGH, as a player breaks his gun trying to get a kid’s mask back on in a CQB game, to save the noobie’s eyesight! : http://www.scoop.it/t/thumpy-s-3d-house-of-airsoft-scoop-it/p/2827038229/saving-someones-eyes-in-airsoft-ssairsoft-lit-up-airsoftvideosftw-on-yt

imageAnd, the lows…heck, pick any one of the HUNDREDS of vids out there of the attempted Airsoft assassination of the Czech Republic’s President by an AIR STUPID…although the BBC’s reporting on the topic is EPIC! : http://www.scoop.it/t/thumpy-s-3d-house-of-airsoft-scoop-it/p/2826048709/air-stupid-video-pellets-fired-at-czech-president-bbc-co-uk

OP:IRENE X , John "Lion Claws" Lu event is this weekend in Michigan, along with OP:SCYTHE in Colorado, as the MEGA OPS season gets underway this autumn here in t he good old USA!

THUMPY….OVER (Thumpy’s 3-D house of Airsoft)

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